Kella Campbell

My Rating Scale

My Rating Scale


5 stars • ultra rare • reserved for the few books that will live on my bedside table forever


4.5 stars • rare • truly excellent, blew me away, unforgettable


4 stars • a definite keeper, highly recommended, totally gripping and very well done


3.5 stars • very good, probably a keeper, recommended, generally enjoyable/entertaining


3 stars • good, somewhat recommended, mostly well done, maybe a keeper


2.5 stars • okay, readable but with some weaknesses/concerns, less likely to keep


2 stars • mediocre, definite weaknesses/concerns, not satisfied, unlikely to keep


1.5 stars • rare • truly disliked, strong negative reaction, major problems


1 star • ultra rare • reserved for the few books that I find deeply repugnant and indefensible

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