The Christmas Wish - Katy Regnery

A sweet and inspiring Christmas novella. I read it straight through in one sitting (by staying up well after I should have been asleep) and really enjoyed it.


I particularly appreciated that Tess and Lucas aren't unattainably perfect — neither one is supermodel-gorgeous or a gifted genius or rolling in money, and neither has lived an unblemished life — so they feel genuine and accessible.


Overall, it's a touching and inspirational romance, best to read around Christmas for the seasonal good cheer it brings.


The message? Don't judge people on their looks or reputations, and having hope for the future is more important than being defined by one's past.


Favourite quote? "I’m sorry other guys dumped on you and used you and didn’t stick around to figure out how damn wonderful you are, but you’re not my bus stop, you crazy-making woman. You are the destination."


How I found this book? I won it in a holiday giveaway event.


4 stars • a definite keeper, highly recommended, totally gripping and very well done